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The Mastering Vaccine Info Foundational Course & Training Is Currently Closed

We’re glad you found us, but the Mastering Vaccine Info Foundational Course Registration is currently closed. Please add your name to our waiting list for the next opportunity to join.


What people are saying:

Cookie G: “I just have to say I am only on Lesson 2 of Module 1 and the amount of notes I have is immense! I am so glad I can replay, pause and go back! Prepare yourselves if you have not started. This is incredible!  FULL TESTIMONIAL

Kris T: I LOVE, LOVE LOVE the prezis! I’ve known the myths of smallpox and polio in little scattered bits and pieces but never knew the extent…until now. Light bulbs are flashing in my brain! I am blown away. I now actually sound like I know what I am talking about. And the handouts save me so much time. I love this! FULL TESTIMONIAL

Lynnie: “This is one of the BESTEST online course ever! We are being taught the history of vaccinations, how schedules came to be, what is exactly in each vaccine, “secrets” and “the whys” and “the hows” big pharma doesn’t want us to know…..We are learning how to make our points, even with hardcore pro-vaxxers….Personally, I have learned through various docu-series, other programs, books, summits, plus a crapload of my own research, but this course?? It comes with a WHOLE DIFFERENT perspective… FULL TESTIMONIAL