THANK YOU for enrolling in the Mastering Vaccine Info Foundational Training Course. My name is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and along with language expert, Mathew Hunt, we will be your instructors for the next 20 weeks. You are about to engage in the weekly content and language training where you will become a confident parent – trusting the decisions you have made about vaccinating – and an intelligent social advocate – know the best way to reach out and deliver bite-sized, key information to your friends and family about your decisions to not vaccinate.

My assumption is that most of you who decided to enroll in the Mastering Vaccine Info Foundational Training Course either 1) don’t vaccinate; 2) partially vaccinate, or 3) are finding out more information to finalize their decisions about vaccinating. Some of you have wonderful stories about healthy, completely unvaccinated children. Some have regrets about vaccinating. And sadly, some have very heart breaking stories of vaccine injuries or deaths. We are here to give you the language to tell your story in a logical, evenly-emotional way so you can help others avoid your pain.

Vaccine-Free Health

It should be no surprise that, after 17 years and more than 30,000 hours of study and research on the problems associated with vaccines, I have concluded that vaccines cause more long-term harm than any possible short-term benefit contrived by the pro-vaccine pundits. But the reason I have developed the Mastering Vaccine Information Course and Training is to stream line your efforts, to help you get your arms around the massive amount of available vaccine information that grows each week.

Vaccine-free health takes work; it’s more than “just not getting the shot.” I recognize that most don’t want to invest the time it takes to become an expert on vaccine laws, vaccine political pitfalls, good nutrition, holistic living, vitamins, supplements, and homeopathy. But at the end of the day, it is my position that staying healthy without vaccines is the only way to maintain a lifetime of real health.

Pervasive, multi-generational illnesses have become accepted as “the norm.” Parents have somehow adopted the notion that OT, PT, speech therapy, food therapy, inhalers for asthma and even autism are a “normal.”  These are not developmental milestones; they are a form of vaccine injury. We are seeing nearly 15% of all children worldwide with learning disabilities and developmental delays from brain injuries. We’ve gone from 3 vaccines in 1985 to 36 doses of 11 vaccines by the time a child is 5 years of age;  58 doses of 15 vaccines by the time they graduate from high school. Humans have become a repository of Pharma’s widgets — the petroleum-based drugs and chemical-laden vaccines. The only route to health, wellness and vitality is by avoiding both.

RULES for Mastering Vaccine Info Course Participants

While I am very glad you are here, this training is not for everyone.

The Mastering Vaccine Info Foundational Training Course has been developed for those who have at least a beginning level of education and acumen surrounding the problems associated with vaccines. That said, here are the rules:

  • We will not tolerate name-calling, swearing or berating.
  • Pro-vaccine proponents, particularly those who are nasty and belligerent, will be removed and their tuition fees will be immediately terminated without refund. We reserve the right to unilaterally make that decision without appeal. 
  • The discussion about the MVI course Modules was designed to be held on the Mastering Vaccine Info MasterMind Facebook page. This is for enrolled participants only.  It is intended to be a safe place to discuss how to share this information with others outside of the course. The language training in this Foundational Course is designed to be practiced so you can learn a new skill: discussing vaccine info without degradation. That said, if misunderstandings cannot be resolved without caustic interchanges, along with the site moderators, we reserve the right to remove course participants immediately without refund and without appeal. 

The MVI Foundational Course and Training has been created because I saw a need in our community:

  •  Information Overload: Hundreds of websites, Facebook pages, and YouTube channels and dozens of books are available discussing the problems associated with vaccines. While it is a good indication that the public is Waking Up, the massive amount of free, available information creates its own problem: Where to begin? Our courses are designed to boil the content down into bite-sized pieces, with corresponding bullet points for sharing without dumping a tsunami of data on your friends. Keep this in mind: LESS IS MORE.
  • Lack of Leadership: We all want someone else to do the hard work for us, don’t we? Isn’t that human nature? We want the vaccine pushers to quieted. We want vaccine mandates to never happen. We want others to confront authority figures who lie about school vaccination requirements. We want to ignore family members who push to vaccinate your kids – against your will and better judgment. But the truth is: It’s time for each person to stand in their own power and be a leader in their state, community, church, and most importantly, in your own home.  
  • Lack of Training: You’ve studied, listened and learned. You’ve been educated, but have you been trained…?  Think of it this way: Education is learning the alphabet and learning how to spell. Training is taking that education and being taught to craft sentences, paragraphs, and pages. Being taught to write something logical and powerful. Our training will give you the language and skills to:
    • Win your arguments
    • Deliver effective, bite-sized bits of information so others can HEAR you
    • Respectfully refuse the vaccines and antibiotics your pediatrician is recommending
    • Quiet hecklers when you’re giving an informational community talk
    • Break through the barriers of your friends and family who refuse to believe vaccine injury is real
    • Protect your family – and yourself – from the needle-wielding pro-vaccinators
    • Be powerful when directing your state legislators to vote against mandatory vaccination laws

The MVI Foundational Training Course will include email communication (sign up here if you are not already part of the MVI email list), membership in the secret MVI Facebook discussion group [join here], weekly FB Live events, and more. We will lay the groundwork for you to become an advocate for your family, your friends, your community, and the world. The course is the first step in becoming a confident, outspoken parent and an intelligent social advocate.

But you have to do your part. Set up a notebook and fold, and have a study area. This training, not passive learning.

  • Each Monday, a 15-20 minute PREZI lesson will be posted in the website where you will need to log in to view it. The lessons are NOT downloadable.
  • Each Thursday, Matt and I will host a FB LIVE forum to discuss the week’s lesson at 9pmEST/6pPST (The time may on occasion vary – you will be notified in advance). The discussion will be saved for your review if your time – or timezone – does not allow live participation.

You will have an opportunity to role play. You will have the opportunity to learn a new language. But if you’re learning Spanish, you can’t just read it from a book. You have to practice the new language. THIS is the power of the training. You will need to invest 2-3 hours per week to get the most from this course. At the end, there will be a quiz to recieve your Certificate of Completion. You will then have at your disposal the key elements to solidify your decision to Just. Say. No.

And, almost by default, you will become the next generation of leaders in this modern-day Our Babies’ Battle.