The Mastering Vaccine Info Course and Online Training is a modular training program that delivers bite-size lessons about vaccines and vaccination. If you are enrolled in the Mastering Vaccine Info (MVI) Course, you have joined because you have been questioning vaccines. You have tried to share information with family and friends. You have been shot down, yelled at, excluded. You have run the gamut of emotions: Angry. Discouraged. Frustrated. Sad.

What else can you do?

That’s where the Mastering Vaccine Info Foundational Training Course (MVI) becomes your Most Valuable Information. Step by step, you will learn core content, key irrefutable arguments, and masterful language to overcome your fear of speaking out and stepping up.We will stand strong together against the forces that want to take away your rights and medically harm you with a vaccine.  After you’ve become a confident parent, you will naturally become an intelligent leader and an articulate activist, advocating freedom to choose – and refuse – one or more vaccinations.  You don’t need to commit 17 years and 30,000 hours of time to be a powerful communicator, fending off naysayers. We will stand strong together against the forces that want to take away your rights and medically harm you with a vaccine.

Informed consent is not enough. 

What if you ARE informed, but you don’t want to consent? 

Success comes with numbers. We envision thousands, if not millions, of empowered, impactful citizens around the world who refuse to be subjected to a potentially harmful medical procedure against their will. Vaccination is a deceitful procedure that has perpetuated an unrealistic fear of childhood infections for more than 200 years. The pro-vaccine advocates are strong, loud and well funded. A powerful and well-educated grassroots minority coalition is needed.

The Mastering Vaccine Info Foundational Course and Online Training is the core content and is foundational for what is to come. You will receive core information within a community of like-minded truth seekers.  With practice,  you will become a powerful voice for your family, your community…and the world.

Each course module gives you personalized education. We are asking you to commit about 2-3 hours of study time per week. This will give you the Most Valuable Information you need to help change history.

Welcome Aboard.